If marketers are meant to entertain…why aren’t we entertaining?

Is Marketing Meant To Educate or Entertain?

“Hey, you never guess what, I was on this website today and they told me that they were one of the leaders in their industry. Seriously. And guess what else..not only do they deliver great results, get this, they had a passion for what they did too!” Said nobody. Ever. When our greatest constraint was technology… I leapt straight into the world of Digital Marketing in 1996.  Back then our job was to think global. For the first time the online radio-controlled car shop could welcome a collector from Japan and allow them to browse there store, as we used to term it ‘virtually’. In fact, just to prove the… READ FULL ARTICLE

Is your website fit for purpose?

The Purpose Of Your Website

‘What is the purpose of your website?’ It’s the first question we cover during a Storyboard Session. The immediate response from business owners & marketers is either: To generate enquiries To generate sales We then discuss how we build the traffic that leads to our objective: advertising on Google creating blog posts that promote our services sending email newsletters to our existing clients updating Linkedin profiles with news of our latest business awards offering free consultations offering free delivery when our customers spend a certain amount The marketing techniques just roll out. We’re spending budget, building landing pages, offering deals, everything we should be doing to ensure our website has… READ FULL ARTICLE

The marketer’s perfect day

The Marketers Perfect Day

Two 4-day weeks are fast approaching. Most marketers struggle to fit their tasks into a 5-day week. How do you decide what can be put off, and what’s essential in the days ahead? This week, more than any other, I’ve spoken with marketers who are frustrated by the lack of time thats available to them. Too many pieces of work on. Too many meetings in the diary. At face value, good news for the boardroom. They like to hear their staff are kept busy. However, frustration for the marketer when there’s so little mindspace available. THE MARKETER’S PERFECT DAY Look at your diary for the coming week. If you controlled… READ FULL ARTICLE

One clear statement: breaking convention in homepage design

Homepage Design - Clean and Clutter Free Message

Which products do we feature on our homepage? Can we add another slider to the homepage carousel to push our new service? Can we include a banner promoting our facebook page? Can you feature my blog on your homepage? We’ve all been involved in the meetings. The answer is ‘yes’. To accommodate all requirements we clutter our homepage with multiple messages offering multiple directives to our ever confused audience. Our audience, who should be represented first and foremost, aren’t offered the empty chair. WHAT IF? Like it or not, as consumers, our minds are very rarely made up when we visit your website. Sometimes we’re ready to buy. Sometimes we’re ready… READ FULL ARTICLE

Are you prepared to break convention?

Brands That Break Convention

Convention places a stranglehold upon industry, business and individuals alike. By definition, convention is a way in which something is usually done. It’s the routine, the process and the habit by which evolution stagnates. It’s often our comfort zone. Why change the habit of a lifetime? Convention is broken when we ask the question raised by Theodore Levitt in Marketing Myopia - “What business are you really in?”. What was the failure of the rail industry in the US? The executive belief that their business was that of the railroad rather than that of transportation. Their focus was on the product rather than the consumer. Convention is broken when you change the buying… READ FULL ARTICLE

A story of advocacy: when convention is well and truly broken

Brand Advocates

Some brands we admire, others we may trust and value and others we simply ignore. What causes us to take one step further? Where we’re happy to share our story with friends, associates and family? The stories that bond our loyalty to a particular brand? Do we consciously become brand advocates? Is it something we’re even aware of, or readily admit to? AN OBVIOUS QUESTION OF ADVOCACY As business owners, how can we increase the number of brand advocates relaying our stories and retaining loyalty to our brands? Can we ‘buy’ brandvocacy, or do we simply earn brandvocacy by going that extra mile for our customers? Can you place a… READ FULL ARTICLE

Your business story: the path as well as the purpose

The Digital Age of Transparency

Welcome to the age of transparency. Businesses have opened their doors to their consuming audience and their passing public. The age of transparency is allowing us to get to know, for the first time, the big businesses that change our lives. That’s what the books and blogs we read tell us. Correct? We’re to be authentic? We’re to be transparent? We’re proud of what we do in business. We’re happy to share testimonial. We believe we offer the best service to our buyer. We use this as the principle mechanism to attract new buyers. But what about when we get things wrong? What about the mistakes we make getting to… READ FULL ARTICLE

Brand advocacy and the story that email forgot

Email - Forgotten Communication Channel

A startup business typically struggles gathering anecdotes and stories that make interesting reading within their blogs. Where there’s a lack of brand history, a startup business will tend to rely upon the stories of it’s founders, or the day to day conversations which take place with colleagues, customers or suppliers. All to assist with setting out their own vision. The future. So, what if your brand story started out with ‘Our story started in 1706‘? You’d be looking at parchments to gather the wonderful stories that make up 3 centuries worth your company’s history, correct? From the story of one brew, to the story of another. Here’s a little known fact,… READ FULL ARTICLE

Want to know why I won’t be subscribing to your newsletter?

Adding To Your Email Newsletter Subscribers

‘Subscribe To Our Newsletter’ or ‘Register For Our Newsletter’ or maybe ‘Give us your email address. We’re not quite sure why, but we’d like it all the same’. A few months ago I was researching competitors for a particular startup client within a niche SaaS (Software) industry. The client was very weary of what was going on within their sector. My task was to court the digital marketing prowess of 5 competitors. When I Say Prowess…. Each had a presentable website with the natural inclusion of a homepage carousel (shudders). Each invited me to ‘subscribe’ or ‘register’ for their newsletter…. so I did. Not due to the persuasion tactics, but… READ FULL ARTICLE

Collaboration: when two stories become one

Collaborative Marketing: Brand Story

What happens when you take a regional business, rich with 175 years worth of family heritage, and throw in the passion of a connoisseur who just so happens to be one of the biggest names in Heavy Metal music? THE BUSINESS Robinsons have been brewing ale from their Cheshire brewery since 1838. With a reach spanning the North West of England & North Wales, Robinsons are a family-run business with a rich pedigree in brewing fine ale for 1 1/2 centuries THE MARKET Ale brewing is an immensely competitive market. In the UK alone there are over 1000 independent brewers. For Robinsons, their geographic reach is mainly restricted by the… READ FULL ARTICLE